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The Planejar International Congress for CFP® Professionals (Certified Financial Planner) is a fundamental opportunity to exchange knowledge, update practices and discuss relevant topics in the area of financial management, investments, estate planning, among other related topics.

Only for Global Meeting attendees

The congress will start at 9am and end at 6pm (BRT)

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    Attention: the event will be primarily hosted in Portuguese, but simultaneous translation will be available.

    Congresso Internacional Planejar 2

    October 15th

    Unique Hotel

    Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 4700
    Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – Brazil
    Zip Code 01402-002

    Exclusive event for CFP® Professionals

    A more detailed schedule of the event will be released soon!

    Planejar International Congress through the years

    Congresso Internacional Planejar

    What’s the plan?

    Novos Tempos - Congresso Internacional Planejar

    New times, new plans

    Congresso Internacional Planejar - Caos e Efeito

    Chaos & effect
    How to plan the unpredictable?

    Congresso Internacional Planejar - Efeitos Colaterais

    Collateral effects
    Yesterday’s lessons, tomorrow’s challenges

    Congresso Internacional Planejar - Nova Ordem Mundial

    New World Order
    Past addictions, threats and future opportunities

    Congresso Internacional Planejar - Criação

    The impacts of artificial intelligence in financial planning

    Planejar International Congress

    The Planejar International Congress for CFP® Professionals (Certified Financial Planner) is an event of extreme importance and relevance for professionals in the field of financial planning and, consequently, for society in general. This congress is a fundamental opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, updating of practices and the discussion of relevant issues in the field of financial management, investments, wealth planning, among other related topics.

    The main goals of the Planejar International Congress for CFP® Professionals are:

    1. Promotion of Education and Professional Updating: To provide an environment of continuous learning, where professionals in the sector can have access to up-to-date information, new trends, innovative strategies, and best practices in the field of financial planning. This is essential to ensure that professionals are always up-to-date and can offer quality services to their clients.
    2. Exchange of Experiences and Networking: The congress is an excellent opportunity for professionals to share their experiences, challenges, and successes with colleagues in the sector. Additionally, it is an environment conducive to networking, which can lead to professional partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.
    3. Discussion of Topics Relevant to Society: The topics discussed during the congress are not only restricted to technical issues in the financial field, but also cover socioeconomic issues that impact society as a whole. This includes debates on financial inclusion, financial education, socially responsible investing, retirement planning, and other topics relevant to the financial well-being of the population.

    The importance of this congress for society is remarkable, since well-informed and knowledgeable professionals in financial planning play a crucial role in promoting economic stability, both for individuals and families. They help in making more informed decisions and creating financial strategies that aim to achieve goals, whether they are in the short, medium, or long term.

    In addition, by discussing topics of public interest and promoting financial education, the congress contributes to a society that is more aware and able to deal with financial issues more effectively, preventing problems such as excessive debt, lack of retirement planning, and other financial challenges.

    In summary, the Planejar International Congress for CFP® Professionals not only raises the level of knowledge and professional practices, but also has a positive impact on society, by promoting a culture of financial education and responsible planning, directly benefiting people’s lives and contributing to a financially safer and more sustainable future.